As the long, cold winter begins to gently warm and days are noticeably longer, reports begin to surface of the first arrivals at Florida and Arizona spring training camps. Pitchers and catchers, then the remainders of the squads, full of hopeful young and talented newcomers hoping for their first shot at playing in the bigs, sitting nearby the aging vets, with already sore muscles, seeking just one more season before the end. As the days get warmer and
Take Me Out to the Ball Game Personal Checks
the first blooms spurt from bushes and shrubs, exhibition games begin and rosters are formed, and fans become certain that "This is OUR year!".

As March turns into April, the teams have left the warm confines and travel to their home cities, ready and anxious as the real games begin, and stars star and youngsters get it done or are sent down and the hitters hit and the pitchers are approaching their stride. As summer heat begins to burn, the races heat up, as contenders stake their claim and pretenders fall back. After the All-Star game, teams look to add that one late-season player that will make the difference, and the real stars begin to shine as they lead their teams to division titles and wild-card slots.

As the weather cools and the races heat, the playoffs approach and the the World Series is here! And for the winners a great off season of celebration is on and for the rest, it's wait till next year!

There is nothing better for the real baseball fan, the fan whose personality is intertwined with player images and overloaded with statistics, and who never misses a game - those at the stadium, cheering, booing, eating, drinking, and yelling out advice, and those in front of the tv, doing much the same.

There is nothing better, there is no other sport and no other activity that compares. It's baseball season again, and the baseball personality shines once more. This is OUR year!

But, when the game is hours away, or through those long, unbearable winters still months away, enjoy the taste of the game when you do such mundane activities as pay your electric bill or purchase a new glove or a team hoodie, by using Take Me Out to the Ball Game Personal Checks, or checks from one of our other three sets of Baseball themed personal checks. You DO NOT have to wait until next year, you can get Take Me Out to the Ball Game Personal Checks NOW!

East set features the above graphic, plus these additional three exciting designs:

Take Me Out to the Ball Game Personal Checks
Take Me Out to the Ball Game Personal Checks
Take Me Out to the Ball Game Personal Checks

We also offer these three additional sets of Baseball-themed personal checks:

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Major League Baseball Team Personal Checks

Cubs fans, Yankee fans, Oriole fans, Houston Astro fans, and all the rest - show your love tor YOUR team with checks celebrating YOUR team - Checks for all 30 major league baseball teams are available!

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It's All About the Baseball Personal Checks

Getting back to basics, what is the essential element of baseball? Why of course it is the baseball, and this set of personal checks features four esthetically arranged images of the baseball itself

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America's Pastime Personal Checks

Bats, Balls and Gloves are what matter and they are all depicted in artistic images in this set of personal checks.