To hundreds of millions of people across the United States and around the world, there are only two seasons - basketball season, and the rest of the time. As fall has arrived, baseball playoffs including the World Series are over, and as the college football bowl season is in progress and as the NFL is getting near the end coming up to the playoffs and the Super Bowl, these people can think of only one thing: College basketball and the NBA!
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But, even during basketball season, when your favorite NBA team is fighting for a playoff spot, or when your college is in the hunt for an NCAA Tournament berth, or when both are in the works, there are times when something other than basketball has to be on your mind, when daily business has to be taken care of, when you need to run errands, get household or auto repairs done, or just sit down and pay some bills.

How better to make this drudgery a bit more palatable, than by making all those needed payments, with
Basketball Personal Checks? Gaze across graphics of basketballs, hardwoods, hoops, and even refs, as you write out your payments for a new basketball, tickets to the next game, and maybe the cable bill, to keep all those games coming into your living room. Feel good about it all, after all, it's only money, and you get to write it all out 0n top of basketballs, when you use our Basketball Personal Checks.

East set features the above graphic, plus these additional three exciting designs:

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We also offer these four additional sets of Basketball-themed personal checks:

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Hoop Dreams Personal Checks

The basketball's the thing, as depicted in this set of personal checks, featuring artistic images of colorful basketballs set against varying shades of grey background.
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Bold Basketballs Personal Checks

Basketballs. basketballs, and more basketballs - they are the focal point of this set of personal checks. No one holding or dribbling or shooting, no basket to shoot at - only basketballs, in various poses.
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Basketball Perspectives Personal Checks

The view from under the basket, and more unusual perspectives are dramatically displayed in this set of beautiful basketball graphics.
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Artistic Basketballs Personal Checks

Balls on the hardwood and hoops in the sky - Don't pass up this artistic perception of the sport you love.

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