From the time one's first teeth pop through, the preferred foodstuff of the human being is more often than not, candy. For many, this is a passing fad, lasting no more than 15 or 20 years. For most, it is a lifelong compulsion, an innate element of one's personality that is usually the cause of inner battle, with common sense and the desire to fit into that new outfit winning out over the desires of the id for immediate gratification. For some, candy is a taboo, seldom if ever to be
touched, as the personality has confirmed and accepted the principle that the bad far outweighs the oh, so, good. But for others, that compulsion remains, and the sight, the thought, the smell, the allure of candy is uncontrollable, and a constant supply must always be at hand.

Whatever category one fits into, deep down there is the realization of the fact that better control is needed, and giving in to those nasty, high-calorie urges is not a very good thing. Moderation is

what most people strive for, and in between those splurges, a release is needed. How about looking upon beautiful graphic representations of some candy favorites? How about having those beautiful graphic representations on your checks, so you can look gaze upon then whenever you write out a check?

Our set of
Candy Personal Checks feature four designs, of hard candies, lollipop pinwheels, rock candy sticks, and jelly slices.


The above four candy selections are included in our first set of
Candy Personal Checks.

We also offer these additional sets of personal designer checks depicting delicious, enticing candy. Each set includes checks with four difference scenes:


Jelly Beans Personal Checks
To the true candy lover, nothing beats the chewy texture and the intense flavor of the jelly bean. That sudden burst of flavor of the jelly bean, available in literally thousands of flavor varieties, is a pleasure to be savored. Enjoy your memories of jelly beans past (and future) with the striking images of these checks.


Candy Apple Personal Checks
That amazing marriage of sweet, yet slightly tart fruit, with the intense sugary flavor of hard cinnamon or soft, chewy caramel is a traditional candy favorite. Think of all those beautiful, delicious combinations, as you write out your bills upon the striking designs of these candy apple personal checks.

Clipper Ships
Ladybugs (4 Styles)
Haunted Houses
Tropical Fish (2 Styles)
Trains (4 Styles)
Basketball (5 Styles)
Baseball (4 Styles)
World Nation Flags (38     Styles)
Vietnam Vets (2 Styles)
Candy (3 Styles)
Beer (4 Styles)
Coca-Cola (3 Styles)
Roses (4 Styles)
Fruit (5 Styles)
Green Living (2 Styles)
The Beach (6 Styles)
Recycling (2 Styles)
Coffee (3 Styles)
Castles (3 Styles)
Sushi (2 Styles)
Skiing (2 Styles)
Wine (6 Styles)
Gambling (2 Styles)
Fire Fighters
Outer Space (8 Styles)
Cupcakes (4 Styles)