While sometimes applied to structures dating back to prehistoric times, the true Castle traces its beginnings to ninth century Europe. Built by Kings and Lords, castles were originally both homes and fortresses, meant to provide the finest comforts then available and to ensure the safety of their inhabitants, keeping out both the riff raff and invading armies. With
traditional medieval castles no longer safe havens from modern weapons, the 15th and 16th centuries saw the development of military forts being built for protection, with new castles built more for comfort and as monuments to wealth, rather than safety.

Throughout Europe, castles have withstood the passage of time, standing yet today as reminders of earlier times, in the minds of many, romantic

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times, with epic tales passed along by minstrels, and eventually the written word. Tales of the Knights of the Round Table and other stories featuring the Castles of Britain, France, Germany, Austria, and other European lands resonate among many people yet today, many people who are fascinated by today's royals, and their elegant, historic homes - the castles of Europe.

Let your thoughts wander to days past. Maybe even visit Windsor Castle, Chateau de Blois, Laquila Castle, or the ruins of Heidelberg. But when the rigors of everyday life demand your attention, keep alive those thoughts of medieval times, of romantic tales, of fending off invading armies, and of castle life. Keep those thoughts alive by using personal checks featuring the historic castles of Europe.

Our set of European Castles Personal Checks feature four images of glorious European castles and surrounding landscape.

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The above four castle images are included in our set of
European Castles Personal Checks.

We also offer two additional sets of personal designer checks depicting views of Windsor Castle. Each set includes checks with four difference scenes:

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Windsor Castle Personal Checks
More Windsor Castle Personal Checks

Castles lovers and Anglophiles alike will think of centuries past and the noble way of life of British nobility, and dream of living in the grandiose charm and beauty of the world's most famous castle, Windsor, whenever it is time to write out a check.

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