Since the coffee bean was first discovered a thousand years ago growing on Ethiopian mountainsides, and tribesmen began experimenting with various uses, such as mixing ground coffee seeds with animal fat for an energy-boosting snack and making wine from fermented pulp, people have been succumbing to the intoxicating, addicting nature of coffee. Thanks to some cleaver individuals in the fifteenth century who figured out that the coffee bean could be, and should be, roasted and then ground, and then used as an infusion, today more than one-half the adult population of the United States drinks at least one cup of coffee a day. The US is the biggest coffee importing country in the world, with Brazil, followed by Vietnam, being the world's largest coffee producers.
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Naysayers to the coffee personality have frequently alleged unhealthy aspects of coffee consumption. Of interest is the first documented "study" of the effects of coffee drinking, attributed to German physician Leonhard Rauwolf, who published his findings in 1582. He found the drink, then known as chaube to be not only delicious, but of benefit to one's health, primarily to people suffering from stomach disorders. However, less than a hundred years later, opinions had been tempered, as other scientists, also most notably German, were writing of the detrimental effects of coffee, citing cases of coffee-induced impotence. Still rare and expensive in seventeenth-century Europe, coffee remained primarily an exotic and curative beverage.

More modern studies concluding that coffee was unhealthy have been discounted as they failed to take into consideration the companion of most mid-twentieth-century coffee drinkers: Tobacco. Today, credible studies have clearly established that coffee consumption, rather than being associated with greater risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and gout, has no correlation with such disorders, and in fact, has been correlated with a lower instance of some cancers and of Parkinson's Disease.

The explosion of the modern coffee shop in late twentieth and early twenty-first century society is a reflection of the addition for coffee and of the development of the coffee personality. 17,000 Starbucks' stores exist today not because Starbucks is trying to induce coffee consumption among non-coffee drinkers, but rather to take advantage of the already existing demand for coffee. The modern home coffee maker makes it quick and easy to satisfy that coffee urge any time of day or night. That auto-start feature also makes it super easy to have a fresh-brewed cup ready just as that alarm sounds in the morning.

So, it's real easy for the coffee personality to be satisfied at home or on the road. Or is it? You can't be sipping coffee 24/7. Even the most ardent fan of the French Roast, Espresso or Latte' can only drink so many cups a day. What of the rest of the
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I Love Coffee Checks
I Love Coffee Checks

time? How to satisfy that coffee personality? How to tell the world "I'd rather be drinking a cup of coffee" when paying for that new shirt at JC Penny's or that flu shot at Walgreens? Wait! You can show your love for the cup of coffee, for the aroma, for the taste, for the flavor of the roasted, ground, infused coffee bean!

Tell the world about your love for coffee, every time you pay a bill or make a purchase, with our set of
I Love Coffee Personal Checks. Each order of I Love Coffee Personal Checks includes the four dynamic designs shown above.

We also offer some additional personal check designs for the coffee lover:

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Despite the lack of an actual cup of coffee, you can imagine that warm cup, delicate saucer, and fragrant aroma of your favorite blend, as you show off your one true love - coffee - with Crazy For Coffee Personal Checks.
Without Coffee

Without Coffee Personal Checks
Empty cups, the last drop spilling out, the HORROR! Keep these thoughts close to you, so you'll always be aware of the possibility. Without Coffee personal checks will tell the world and tell yourself that you can't be without your coffee, and help you guard against it ever happening again

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