Cupcakes, in one form or another, have been around for more than 300 years, but their renewed and unsurpassed popularity of the past few years has re-established them not just as a dietary staple, but as a trendy, designer product. Cupcake shops, generally offering nothing else, are here, there, and everywhere, contributing to the love of more and more consumers, seemingly by the minute.
Cupcakes Personal Checks

If you love cupcakes, you must be in cupcake heaven. Every bakery shop, every fast food outlet, every diner, and oh, yea, all those cupcake-only stores, all brimming with delectable selections, with chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mocha, orange, and raspberry toppings, icings, fillings, and decorations, all just calling your name.

But wait, you can't eat them all the time. You can't eat them at every meal, every day? Or can you? Well, you could, but there would be consequences to pay. You know, a few extra pounds creeping up to maybe, just maybe where a slightly larger pant size might be needed.

But no fear, if cupcakes are your thing, the essence of your being, of your personality, enjoy the moment with restraint, and get your cupcake fix when writing out checks, with our selection of
Cupcakes Personal Checks. Each set features the above design, along with these three additional depictions of luscious cupcakes:
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We also offer these three additional sets of Cupcake-themed personal checks:

Tasty Cupcakes Personal Checks

Tasty Cupcakes Personal Checks

Is your favorite part of the cupcake that soft, fluffy, sugary, frosting? Well, satisfy your cravings calorie-free, with our set of Tasty Cupcake Personal Checks.
Gourmet Cupcakes Personal Checks

Gourmet Cupcakes Personal Checks

No pre-packaged, off-the-shelf cupcakes for you! Nope, its the designer, one-of-a-kind, fancy, tasty, fluffy gourmet cupcake that your taste buds crave. In between, satisfy that need with Gourmet Cupcakes Personal Checks.
Cute Cupcakes Personal Checks

Cute Cupcakes Personal Checks

Cupcakes here, there, and everywhere! Have a sea of cupcakes at your beck and call, with this set of cute, delectable personal checks.

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