Are there free refills of the fries? OK, let me have another order anyway. Yea, the 64-oz. size soda. Oh, wow, that pie looks great! Extra fudge sauce on that sundae, please. The weight loss industry has been estimated to rake in $40 Billion a year, and it's no wonder, with all of those luscious-looking, delightful-smelling, and delicious-tasting foods paraded past every one of us, seeming 24/7, wherever we go. Oh, the humanity of it all!

The result is, that for a significant number of people, their lives are a constant diet, and it can easily overtake their entire psyche, and reshape their personality. For people who diet on a constant basis, reinforcement is a key to success. Someone struggling to get through the day on a rice cake, lettuce, and a diet shake, need support from friends, relatives, co-workers, and surroundings conducive to the maintenance of their dietary restrictions. That is, if you diet

constantly, don't park in front of an ice cream store, don't live above a bakery, and don't subscribe to cooking magazines.

Of great help can be dietary reinforcement aids, such as watching those incredible weight-loss success stories with which reality tv is now so replete, attending weight watcher-type support group meetings, and keeping reminders of your need to stay on your diet with you at all times, little reminders like Dieting Personal Checks, that you pull out just in the nick of

time, as you WERE about to pay for a 1/2-gallon of triple chocolate fudge ice cream, or a Boston Cream Pie. One look at the celery stalk, hunk of broccoli, or tape measure on one of these Dieting Personal Checks, and, well, that ice cream in back in the freezer, waiting for the next person who DOES NOT HAVE diet personal checks to remind them of their need to remain loyal to their diet, is all but forgotten.

Each order of
Dieting Personal Checks includes the four artistic designs shown above.

Clipper Ships
Ladybugs (4 Styles)
Haunted Houses
Tropical Fish (2 Styles)
Trains (4 Styles)
Basketball (5 Styles)
Baseball (4 Styles)
World Nation Flags (38     Styles)
Vietnam Vets (2 Styles)
Candy (3 Styles)
Beer (4 Styles)
Coca-Cola (3 Styles)
Roses (4 Styles)
Fruit (5 Styles)
Green Living (2 Styles)
The Beach (6 Styles)
Recycling (2 Styles)
Coffee (3 Styles)
Castles (3 Styles)
Sushi (2 Styles)
Skiing (2 Styles)
Wine (6 Styles)
Gambling (2 Styles)
Fire Fighters
Outer Space (8 Styles)
Cupcakes (4 Styles)