Fruit. Juicy and sweet, soft or crunchy, icy cold or right off the tree, the allure may vary from person to person, but there is no denying the fact that for many, many people, there is nothing so enjoyable as the taste of fresh fruit. For some, it is that hard crunch of a tart apple, for others the soft, succulent sweet taste of a really ripe peach. For others, it may be the creamy, unique taste of a banana, or the soft and crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth flavor of watermelon. Which ever their
An Apple A Day Personal Checks
choice, the fruit-a-holic is only happy when that serving of fresh fruit is at hand: A half of a cantaloupe or grapefruit for breakfast, grapes and apple slices with that sandwich for lunch, and dinner topped off by a juicy, crunchy, messy, delectable hunk of watermelon. Ahhh, heaven!

For some, the desire, the craving, the need for fruit is ingrained in their very being and is a part of their personality. But, alas, it is not always available. The end of summer and the impending fall unfortunately signals the end of the peaches, the nectarines, that watermelon, and the cherries, until spring and summer next year. The apples and oranges and other winter fruits are around, sure, but as good as they can be, it is just not the same.

Remember the crunch of that last, sweet cherry, the smooth, juicy feel of that last spoonful of kiwi, and the last stringy shred of peach plucked off the pit, all winter and fall, when you use any of these five set of fruit-themed personal checks. For the apple lover, you do not have to endure that long, cold winter without your favorite, but you can recall the taste and feel the crunch whenever you write a personal check, when you use our
An Apple A Day Personal Checks. Each set features the above design, along with these three additional depictions of red and green apples:
Green Apple A Day Personal Checks
Cut Green Apple A Day Personal Checks
Red and Green Apple A Day Personal Checks

We also offer these four additional sets of personal checks featuring a variety of delectable fruit choices:

Gourmet Cupcakes Personal Checks

Fresh and Fruity Personal Checks

Watermelon, cherries, kiwi and luscious berries highlight the selections in this set of four colorful, juicy fruit-filled Personal Checks.
Cute Cupcakes Personal Checks

Goin' Bananas Personal Checks

Don't forget the banana lover! Pick up a bunch of bananas, and a set of our
Goin' Bananas Personal Checks to satisfy your cravings!
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Garden's Freshest Harvest Personal Checks

See beautiful and beckoning representations of a wide variety of fruits, from melons to oranges to apples, to grapes, and more, in this set of the
Garden's Freshest Harvest Personal Checks.
Tasty Cupcakes Personal Checks

Juicy Georgia Peaches Personal Checks

The perfect set of personal checks for the peach lover, a beautify array of fresh peaches in artistically displayed in each of the set's four designs.

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