The ladybug is the favorite insect of large numbers of people, and is a popular decoration on clothes, notebooks, jewelry, and more. In some cultures, they are believed to bring good luck, and as their visible numbers expand greatly in the spring, they are considered a symbol of the renewal of life.

But, few people are aware of the role the ladybug plays as natural pest control, dining on other bugs that destroy
Ladybugs On Leaves Personal Checks
flowers and vegetables. In fact, the ladybug has significance in Christianity, being dubbed the "Beetle of our Lady" by believers who thought the ladybug was sent from heaven to save and protect crops. Some cultures yet today believe in the ladybug's ability to predict an abundant harvest or even good weather.

Ladybugs love to dine upon white flies, mealy bugs, scales, mites, bollworms, broccoli worms, cabbage moths, tomato horn worms, and more such agricultural pests, and they are widely used by rose enthusiasts to rid the flower of aphids.

Every spring, nurseries abound with boxes of ladybugs, which are quickly snapped up by rose growers disdaining chemical pesticides, and brought to their gardens to feast on their yearly aphid infestation.

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Ladybug Personal Checks

These colorful check designs feature the cute little ladybug in various garden settings, meandering hither and fro, minding its own business, exploring various garden delights, and likely hoping to run in to an occasional aphid.