Outer Space

Since the dawn of man, humans have looked to the skies in wonder and amazement. Dreams of exploration of the unknown above us have dominated the days and nights of many, for millennia. The mid-twentieth century first saw the realization of these dreams, first with the advent of space exploration, and then by the dawn of space travel. These beginnings renewed interest, spirit, and the quest for knowledge of outer space. For decades, amazing and remarkably successful programs such as Project Mercury which put the first US Astronaut into space, Project Apollo which put the first man on the moon, the Space Shuttle, which despite two tragic accidents produced dozens of successful space explorations, and the International Space Station which was constructed and
operated for exploration and study of outer space through the joint effort of several countries, have promoted more and more interest in space.

Now, we are at the threshold of man's greatest outer space explorations, with the beginning of NASA's development of the Space Launch System (SLS) and the Orion Multi-
Purpose Crew Vehicle, which will transport American Astronauts back to the moon, to asteroids, and eventually, to Mars.

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We have now also see the beginnings of private space exploration. Private companies around the world not only regularly launch satellites and other commercial payloads into outer space, but offer trips into space to private individuals who can afford the multi-million dollar cost. The future of private space travel and the development of space stations and potential habitats is unlimited.

The thoughts and imaginations of outer space enthusiast are running wild in deep thought of what has occurred, and with what the future will bring. For those of you for whom outer space, space exploration, and the romance of the heavenly bodies above us are constant thoughts, permeating your activities, your dreams, your personality, translate those thoughts into tangible matter, and demonstrate your heartfelt feelings, by using personal checks depicting the planets, space exploration vehicles, and even photographs of earth shot from space.

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The four images of our Spectacular Planetary View Personal Checks are included in this first set of Outer Space themed personal checks. They feature dynamic images from far, far away. See more about our Spectacular Planetary View Personal Checks.

We also offer several additional personal check sets featuring both tranquil images and vibrant scenes of the heavens above, and each includes four equally compelling scenes:

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Planets Personal Checks

Make your check-writing a highlight of every day as you cast your eyes on these dynamic checks depicting the planets of our solar system, and the magnificence of the formation of new planets.

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Earth From Space Personal Checks

Among the most breathtaking views imaginable, and one of the great wishes of those envisioning future space travel, is to see the Earth, from outer space.

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Saturn Personal Checks

No heavenly body in the known universe evokes the glory or romance of Saturn, the second largest planet in our solar system, and the one planet known to all as the one with the rings, the magnificent, awe-inspiring, rings.

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Planetary Views Personal Checks

Explore the mysteries of the universe, from the perspective of a real astronaut. Just what is it that you see, in deep, deep space?

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Space Cruisers Personal Checks
More Space Cruisers Personal Checks

Regale in the magnificence of eight versions of the Space Cruiser, as mighty and overpowering as any seen in Star Trek, Star Wars, or in your dreams.

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Alien Abduction Personal Checks

If your interest in outer space is due to your having been abducted by aliens, or if you live in fear of that happening, then this set of personal checks depicting alien ships in the process of abductions, is just for you!

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