Through several centuries, various cultures independently came upon the idea of spreading oils, herbs, vegetables, meats, sauces, and/or cheeses, across whatever flat dough-like concoction that had to them become a dietary staple, though a dry one. The ancient Greeks did the spreading on bread, Spaniards, Serbs, Hebrews and others, on what they called one form
or another of pita, and the Italians, on a doughy sheet known as a placenta. Today, these similarly developed dishes are all recognized as the PIZZA, and perhaps no single food item is as fanatically popular throughout the world.

To the Pizza Lover, there is no other food that can provide the delight, the joy, or the flavorful, orgasmic satisfaction, of the taste of a slice of Pizza as it dances across the tongue, shreds of meat, threads of cheese, dots of oils and sauces

flowing across the taste buds, and sliding delectably down the throat.

Pizza Lovers, whether your fanaticism centers around Chicago-style deep dish, traditional New York "Neapolitan" thin-crust style, or even DiGiorno "It's Not Delivery" frozen style pizza, you cannot eat your beloved pie 24/7, but you can extend your proximity to everything-pizza to those times-o-day when your attention is taken up with otherwise dreary

financial tasks, such as paying bills, making purchases, and writing checks, with personal checks featuring a mouth-watering depiction of a luscious pizza slice! That's right, always have a slice tantalizing you, inviting you, exciting you, at your fingertips, with Pizza Personal Checks.

Just how great would it be to pay for your pizza with a Pizza Personal Check? And if you cannot have pizza, why not pay for your hamburger, burrito, salad or steak with a Pizza Personal Check, just to show them what you would
really like to be eating?

Each order of
Pizza Personal Checks includes the four delicious designs shown above.

Clipper Ships
Ladybugs (4 Styles)
Haunted Houses
Tropical Fish (2 Styles)
Trains (4 Styles)
Basketball (5 Styles)
Baseball (4 Styles)
World Nation Flags (38     Styles)
Vietnam Vets (2 Styles)
Candy (3 Styles)
Beer (4 Styles)
Coca-Cola (3 Styles)
Roses (4 Styles)
Fruit (5 Styles)
Green Living (2 Styles)
The Beach (6 Styles)
Recycling (2 Styles)
Coffee (3 Styles)
Castles (3 Styles)
Sushi (2 Styles)
Skiing (2 Styles)
Wine (6 Styles)
Gambling (2 Styles)
Fire Fighters
Outer Space (8 Styles)
Cupcakes (4 Styles)