On any typical day while you should be concentrating on work, you find it difficult to prevent your mind from wandering away, to thoughts of your favorite pastime, of feeling the icy cold on your face and of seeing magnificent nature scenes fly by your eyes, as your entire body shudders in the joy of speed and with the thrill of danger, as you sail down a mountain slope, supported by only two thin skis beneath your boots and guided by the tolerable poles in your gloved hands.
Snow Skiing Personal Checks
While truly you would rather be skiing than doing anything else, alas earning a living and living the rest of your life prevents you from spending more than a few precious days a year on the ski runs of the breathtaking mountain slopes you so love. While your ski friends fully understand and share your love of the sport, others around you fail to understand the attachment and preoccupation you feel for skiing. If only there was a way to enjoy some element of thrill of the sport while far from the chilly slopes, and some way to show others how exhilarating and exciting it is to glide down a mountainside atop a layer of pure white blissful snow.

It will never replace the real thing, but you can for an instant return to the slopes in your mind, and show others some of the best that skiing has to offer, by using our
Snow Skiing Personal Checks, depicting enticing scenes of snow-covered mountain slopes, complete with skiers engaging in their favorite pastime.

Each set features the above design, along with these three additional depictions of skiers and ski runs:
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We also offer this additional set of Ski-themed personal checks:


It's All Downhill From Here Personal Checks

This set includes even more scenes of skiers enjoying snow-packed mountain slopes and thrilling ski runs.

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