From the early nineteenth century when, helped along by the developing technology of the steam engine, the first small railroads began in the northeast United States, to the building of one of man's greatest engineering feats, the construction of the transcontinental railroad during the mid-century, through the burgeoning years of passenger travel that extended into the mid-twentieth century, and even to today's still vibrant freight transportation and modern, commuter rail systems, trains are a source of joy and
compassion for large numbers of people. Some have traveled the byways of America by rail, and fondly reminisce about earlier times, and the excitement and adventures experienced first hand. Others may read stories of the history of the railroad, look at photos of historic trains, and may listen to the vast library of recorded sounds of the rail, including hit songs of the past such as "Casey Jones", the "Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe", and even "I've
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Been Working on the Railroad". And some people do still travel today by train, up and down the majestic Pacific Ocean coastline, across the continent over mountain ranges, across rivers, and through valleys, from the west coast to east, or vice versa, and some people may dream of such routes while commuting from their very own suburb to the big city, each morning, each evening.

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For those of you for whom the romance of the rail is a part of your life, a part of your personality, why not include images of majestic, historic trains as part of your financial life as well? You can, with our selections of personal checks depicting beautiful examples of trains from over the past century.

Our set of
Old Time Trains Personal Checks features examples of early steam engines that were at the forefront of the development of the American railroad.

This set of Old Time Trains Personal Checks includes each of the stylish graphic designs shown above. In addition, we also offer three additional sets of train-themed checks, each also featuring four attractive and dynamic images:

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Steam Train Personal Checks

The first century of American railroads was powered by the steam locomotive. Mighty engines pulled car after car, hauling freight and passengers across the country, while billows of smoke spewed in their wake. Now, make purchases and pay bills using checks featuring these ancient locomotives.

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Diesel Trains Personal Checks
More Diesel Trains Personal Checks
The early twentieth century saw the development of the diesel locomotive, and by the 1940s, diesel and diesel-electric engines had replaced the steam engine as the power source of most American trains. Our Diesel Trains personal check sets feature several images of streamlined, efficient diesel engines, and the trains they pull.

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